Monday, 25 May 2015

HOMEWORK TASK. Animal show down!

Hi guys,
 homework task in inquiry. Click the links and watch the show downs.
Now think about 3 show downs of your own. Decide on one, discuss it with someone at home- based on your current knowledge of the animals only.  Choose a winner.

Now spend 10-20 minutes researching each animal and re-think the battle. Be ready to share in class. You can record your findings/result in the inquiry tab in your Note book if you like or you can write it down on paper.

You need to show the findings of your research on each animal and then explain which will win the show down and why to think that.

Get this done by the end of next week please.

polar bear vs walrus

tiger vs lion

elephant vs rhino


A great event today. Congratulations to all our swimmers for the great attitude and excellent swimming. Check it out!

Inquiry in room 10

The new inquiry has started really well. There is lots of curiosity and enthusiasm for the new learning. We worked on some thinking activities based on animals last week. Students were categorizing creatures and justifying their opinions.

Here are some images. You may like to ask your child about this activity!

Homework presenations

The MILO projects our class did for homework were a great success! Many students had gone through a full research process.Everyone presented with confidence. We will go through the process again later in the term. We are also doing work on these skills in our new inquiry study.

Some images of MILO presentations.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Art in room 10.

On Friday we were lucky to have local artist Del Te Rito in our class working with the students to create an abstract canvas. Del is Luther's Nana.

The canvas will be auctioned at the school art exhibition on June 19th. 

Cross Country, term 2.

After all the hard training around the school this term we had our school event on May the 6th. Everyone ran really well and supported each other. Great school spirit from everyone!
Congratulations to those that will represent the school at the Eastern Zone event.

Here are a few images!